NUUK frequently asked questions

NUUK frequently asked questions is a section where you will get information about what customers ask us most often!

Does NUUK only make chairs?

We create not only comfortable lounge chairs in 2 different sizes, but also design-matched tables, that will serve as a great addition to NUUK chairs and allow you to enjoy 100% comfort.  It will be especially comfortable to stretch your legs and relax in the chair.

Where NUUK can be viewed in person?

Our products can be seen and touched in the concept store RIIJA, various design exhibitions and fairs, and, by prior arrangement, in the NUUK store in Valmiera.

How will NUUK get delivered to me?

If you have placed an order online, we will deliver it to your house door. By prior arrangement, the order can also be received at the NUUK homeplace in Valmiera. Learn more

How fast will I get my NUUK?

We usually dispatch all of our orders within 1-3 business days. Our warehouse operates from Monday till Friday during standard business hours, except on national holidays at which time the warehouse will be closed. In these cases, we take steps to ensure shipment delays will be kept to the bare minimum. Learn more

Does NUUK create special orders?

Yes, it is possible to order chairs and tables of individual design and size. Minimum amount of special order – starting from 5 units.

Can NUUK furniture be used outdoors?

NUUK furniture is convenient for use all year round, it does not rust, so it can be outdoors all season, but in winter it can also be a great element of the interior.

Is there a warranty for NUUK furniture?

Yes, all NUUK furniture has a 2-year warranty. The warranty is valid if the furniture is found to be defective during production or transportation. Furniture purchased from NUUK will be repaired if it is torn, deformed or of poor quality.

How to care for NUUK chairs and tables?

NUUK furniture does not need special care. The furniture parts are treated with wax, thus preserving the good properties of wood even in harsh and humid weather. Table and chair frames are made of zinc mixture, which will ensure that they do not rust. The seat of NUUK chairs is made of textile mesh, which dries quickly and does not accumulate stains.

Is NUUK easy to move?

All NUUK furniture is easy to move. Furniture is easy to disassemble for moving, as well as easy and quick to assemble.

How to contact NUUK?

On the working days you can contact Raivis Tauriņš, the creator of NUUK furniture:
Tel. 29574477
e-mail: [email protected]

Feel free to send a message to our Instagram (@nuuk_chair) or Facebook (Nuuk Chair) at any time!