Man talks while sitting in small NUUK chair
Small NUUK chair at sunset
Woman sits in small NUUK chair
Small NUUK chair in design
Small NUUK chair
Mazais NUUK krēsls

Small NUUK chair


Small NUUK lounge chair is made of metal construction and textile mesh. The metal construction, although lower and truncated compared to the large NUUK chair, is stable and durable, designed to be cozy for the user. The small NUUK chair is comfortable, functional, and easy to fold and disassemble. The single small NUUK lounge chair is best suitable for one adult.


132 x 124 x 110 cm


22,5 kg


180 kg

Small NUUK lounge chair was designed bearing in mind coziness, easy handling and placement in the desired location, as well as the aesthetics. The NUUK chair will fit well in different environments both indoors and outdoors. The low NUUK chair will be a kitschy addition to the seating area, providing the opportunity to enjoy a spare moment in a comfortable seat.

The construction of the chair is easy to fold and disassemble, providing the freedom to bring it with you to the summer house, garden party or a visit to friends and relatives. The structural connections are easily “locked” together and fixed with hexagon screws.

The seat back of the chair is made of textile mesh. The mesh is easily attached to the metal frame using specially designed metal loops and carabiners. The carabiners and the mesh are joined by a durable loop, ensuring safe sitting up to 180 kg.

The edges of the textile seating mesh of the NUUK chair are finished with webbing belt, ensuring high-quality and durability. The mesh will not rip or tear.

The metal construction of the chair stands on six plastic legs protecting the bottom of the chair from scratches and providing stability on an uneven surface.

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