Large NUUK chair


NUUK lounge chair is made of metal construction and textile mesh. The high metal construction of the NUUK chair is stable and durable, designed to be cozy for the user. NUUK chair is comfortable, functional, and easy to fold and disassemble. The single large NUUK lounge chair is best suitable for both an adult and an adult with a child.


192 x 138 x 110 cm


30,5 kg


180 kg

The design of NUUK lounge chair is both comfortable and aesthetic. It will fit perfectly in the office or at home, on the terrace or in the backyard lounge area.
The chair will serve not only as a comfortable seating, but also as an interior object, which can be furnished with pillows and rugs, decorative lamps or hanging green plants, giving your NUUK chair its own unique twist.

The construction of the chair is easy to fold and disassemble, providing the freedom to bring it with you to the summer house, garden party or a visit to friends and relatives. The structural connections are easily “locked” together and fixed with hexagon screws.

The seat back of the chair is made of textile mesh. The mesh is easily attached to the metal frame using specially designed metal loops and carabiners. The carabiners and the mesh are joined by a durable loop, ensuring safe sitting up to 180 kg.

The edges of the textile seating mesh of the NUUK chair are finished with webbing belt, ensuring high-quality and durability. The mesh will not rip or tear.

The metal construction of the chair stands on six plastic legs protecting the bottom of the chair from scratches and providing stability on an uneven surface.

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