Large NUUK table and a design book
Large NUUK table in design
Large NUUK table and glasses
Large NUUK table next to chairs
Large NUUK table and flowers
Large NUUK table and magazines
Large NUUK table and decors

Large NUUK table


The large NUUK table has been created for use in places where you need a larger table surface, such as cafes, guest houses, rest areas, chill areas. The surface of the table is large enough to  put on it breakfast plates for two, as well as large pizza or herbs and magazines. The large NUUK table is made of a metal construction with a birch plywood surface attached to it. The table surface is available in a eight different colors. It is treated with stain and wax to keep the wooden surface intact even in contact with moisture – rain, spilled juice etc.

Size: 73 x 64 x 44

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