NUUK chair spotlighted on local television - NUUK chair

We are proud that NUUK was shown on local Latvian television – the LTV1 news program ‘’Panorama’’.

We took the Panorama team with us to Valmiera and told the special story of how NUUK was created. We gave a peek at our small studio, where our comfortable, durable and aesthetic NUUK chairs are created!

Our founder Raivis Tauriņš had an idea to produce chairs several years ago – while working as an event organizer. Raivis was installing an activity of an event – hanging nets and, while he tried to install them in a metal cage, he sat down and realized how convenient it is! It was during the Covid-19 pandemic, when Raivis’s other job prospects withered, that he found an impulse to finally realize this idea of ​​NUUK. It happened slowly and gradually – the details and attributes of NUUK were carefully thought out in order for the chair to be made in high quality, long-lasting and to have an aesthetic design. Raivis highlighted the best features of the chair, which makes it so unique – they are simple in appearance, easy to assemble and disassemble. As interest grew, more ideas and additions to the design and functionality came naturally.

At the request of customers, NUUK has created great design tables and sunshades and soon NUUK is also planning to start producing double chairs. NUUK’s long-term goal is to compete in the export market, but even without any advanced advertising, this very comfortable chair, combined with an ascetic design, has already found its home not only in Latvia, but also in Estonia, Germany, Sweden and other countries.

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