We have met a very talented, creative and active lady Baiba Prindule Rence, who showed us the Nuuk chair in a new light.

Baiba is a designer who is better known for her elegant approach to wedding organization and decoration. More than 20,000 people follow her on Instagram. Baiba can create a special and harmonious atmosphere when coming into contact with anything and in any space! Therefore, we, the NUUK team, invited her to visit to show just how comfortable our chairs are, how easily they adapt to different environments and how good they look! Together with Baiba, we created a modern design that includes our chairs. This revealed to us just how important it is to integrate furniture into your home so that it easily fits into each interior!

At the beginning, we gave Baiba the opportunity to assemble the chair with her own hands – to show how easy it is to do it by yourself! Together with the easily understandable tutorial – step by step – it was fast and no bother at all!

Baiba also appreciated the fact that NUUK chairs have added value – you can take them with you to the seaside or to the countryside, but in winter you can arrange a cosy place in your own apartment. Therefore, the big advantage of NUUK chairs is its easy assembly and movement. NUUK chairs are like design chameleons – they are excellent lounge chairs both indoors and outdoors.

Working with Baiba, we also came up with a lot of creative design ideas on how we can arrange NUUK chairs. We recommend supplementing them with soft pillows and carpets to complement the comfort of the chair and create a fabulous relaxation or production corner! We also offer to purchase our very own NUUK tables, – so that while you are sitting comfortably in the NUUK chair you do not have to think for a long time where to place the things you need or where to place some beautiful decors. NUUK chairs and fantastic design tables are always ready for creative design experiments!

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